Soapy Oats


Hand grated Goats Milk Soap Mixed with Organic Oats brings you an absolute amazing body wash. Packed in a 200gm black matte tin with a Handmade Soap Saver Bag allows you to use as little or as much as you like.


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These soapy oats are handmade and packaged inside a Cotton Muslin Bag. You will also receive 2 hand made soap saver bags making this product suitable for the bath or shower. 

The combination of Goats Milk and Oats may help by  

  • imparts moisturizing, soothing, conditioning, and nourishing qualities, significantly improving skin dryness and roughness.
  • helps to keep skin hydrated by forming an occlusive layer on the surface that retains water in the skin.
  • goat milk contains a fatty acid named caprylic acid, which helps lower the ph balance of the soap and making it almost similar to that of the human body


Organic Rolled Oats, Goats Milk Soap made with olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, Rice bran oil and castor oil mixed with Shea Butter.

Scented with either 

Skin Safe Rose Fragrant Oil

Natural Honey

We do recommend if you have an allergy to Milk Proteins to not use this product.

A skin patch test is highly recommended. If irritation occurs please discontinue use.

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Honey, Rose, Unscented


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