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Sit back and relax to the soft cracking of timber and the glowing flame of your beautiful candle as it warms and refreshes your home. 

These timber wick soy wax candles are hand poured and crafted here at Stagwood Homestead using premium fragrances and essential oils to create beautiful aromas that will have your home smelling wonderful. 

Choose from 3 distinct fragrances; 

Bulgarian Rose with a soft rose scent and floral notes to freshen your room.

Caramel Vanilla with delicious caramel fragrances and hints vanilla on top.

Bonfire Whiskey a complex scent of bergamot, coconut and orange blossom followed with soft hints of marshmallow, brown sugar and smokey sandalwood. Topped with a warm whiskey fragrance to make your home feel cosy in those cold winter days. 

Our essential oil range also has 3 vibrant fragrances to choose from you are sure to love your Soy wax candle with 100% essential oil fragrance. 

  • Lavander
  • Lime
  • Blue Gum Eucalyptus

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Caramel vanilla, lavendar, lime, Blue Gum Eucalyptus, Bulgarian Rose, Bonfire Whiskey


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