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Sponsor an alpaca of your very own for a whole year – because honestly, who doesn’t want an alpaca in their life?


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One of the things we have loved most about the alpacas and diversifying our farm is that we have been able to purchase and take on animals that have needed re-homing. This is something we are very passionate about and would love to continue to do.
We have picked up alpacas from backyards in cities, had calls from vets asking us to take in animals, we’ve cleared groups of animals from deceased estates. taken in the last of the animals left at auctions and clearing sales and simply when people’s circumstances have changed.

Over the last 12 months we have taken in more than 50 alpacas that have needed re-homing for various reasons.

There are a few reasons we can do this:

  • We work with, and process all the alpaca fibre on our farm to make our own products. And because I felt rather than spin the fibre we can work with any fibre, or find a use for it, regardless of the quality.
  • We are a working farm. We have sheep, cattle, crops (when mother nature allows!) and alpacas. What does that mean? It means it doesn’t matter what an alpacas personality, history, age, sex, temperament or fibre quality is. We can find a place for them and give them a job to do. This is anything from being trained by our expert guards to be guards for lambs, being a ‘cool aunty or uncle’ to supervise and keep our weanlings (the equivalent of a human teenager) under control, being part of our breeding herd or becoming part of our public mob that love people (and treats) and will happily interact with our human visitors.
  • We have the space and the time. Alpacas are designed to move. They need space. They need to graze. They need to be in a herd. We are so fortunate that we can give them that (and a whole lot of love to).

Alpacas in some ways are quite low maintenance animals, but in other ways are not!

  • They require space – this means land and infrastructure. Fencing, gates, water (pipelines, pumps, troughs etc) which all needs maintenance.
  • They require feed – paddocks sown with something they can eat through the different seasons and then rotated, hay, grains, minerals (all of this much more intensive/stressful/expensive through periods of drought which we have just seen).
  • They require health care – annual sharing, toe nail clipping, worming, vaccinations. Needless to say that many of the animals we take in also need additional medical care – often eye and teeth issues and pre and post natal care. Or, just extra TLC because they are in poor condition, or in their senior years, or have a belly full of legs.
  • They require time – administration (all the record keeping, schedules, and important to-do’s), training (or re-training), monitoring and most importantly, love, lots of love.

You can take the glory – we are happy to do the work!

What you get for your sponsorship fee:
  • To sponsor an alpaca for one whole year from your sponsorship date.
  • A certificate for you to put up somewhere so others can see how awesome you are.
  • A photograph of your sponsored alpaca.
  • The details of your sponsored alpaca – their name, and their story.
  • A digital image, certificate and information that you can share on your socials.
  • An adult Meet & Greet voucher for you to come and visit to meet and feed the alpacas.
  • The awesome feeling of knowing you have helped give a beautiful animal the best care it can have (and us the means to continue to do it).
  • An alpaca in your life (without needing a big backyard!) and honestly, who doesn’t want an alpaca in their life?

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Cookie, Sugar, Fairy Floss, Benjamin Bow, Lilly, Manrico


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We are a small family business. We are happy to offer you a credit for our experiences, or our farm shop if you are no longer able to visit us or simply change your mind.

Please talk to us to discuss a refund (less any booking fees) should your circumstances require it.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Although most of our alpacas are quiet and are used to some people being around please remember that they are still animals they are NOT pets. Loud noises, sudden movements and overcrowding can make them stressed and unpredictable. Please follow the instruction of our staff without question.

Your children are your responsibility. Please make sure they understand the rules and are in your care and under your supervision at all times, especially near the animals.

We cannot control the weather! We can still run our events through a bit of drizzle and on wet ground, however if there is a significant weather event we may need to postpone your visit. We will contact you to arrange another date, or offer you a credit to book again at another time.

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