Tlem, Mayo, Chalky and the Curtainians


Tlem is actually ‘Melt’ spelled backwards. He is a chonky big fella, with fully jointed arms and legs – 75cm long (from head to toes) and when seated about 36cm wide. His twin Cubs Mayo and Chalky are made from a repurposed shower curtain – 39cm long and 26cm wide.  Wedge the Whale was an old cushion cover, and the Curtainians are some scrap calico fabric off cuts I have painted.  The Curtainian people are 42cm, 33cm, 26cm and 22cm tall respectively.

This collection tells a story about reusing the ‘stuff’ we often waste, every day. The whole collection is designed from scratch, by me. All handmade in Western Australia.

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Recently we moved house.

I took down our old shower curtain, still in reasonable condition – but knowing it wouldn’t be needed at our new place. As with all my designs they pop into my head at the most random moments. Tlem was no different. As I popped the curtain in to the washing machine with some sanitiser, his story, family and little community began to unfold in my head.

I was glad first of all to be re-purposing the shower curtain. Having just watched another Sir David Attenborough documentary I was in fresh despair over the state of the earth and the ‘stuff’ we waste every day.

Tlem is actually ‘Melt’ spelled backwards. He is a really big fella, with fully jointed arms and legs. I’ve used paints, crayon and pens to add depth and definition to the body, face and legs.

His twin Cubs Mayo and Chalky are made from the same recycled fabric and they’re all stuffed with upcycled soft clean polyester fill. I have hand-stitched and then enamelled their noses, using a bit of needle sculpting. The Polar Bear Cubs are an all in one design of my own.

Wedge the Whale, who is made from upcycled cushion covers. Wedge is a 2 dimensional Whale, and friend of Tlem and the Curtainian community.

’The Curtainians’ are 4 calico cloth dolls. I have used scraps of fur and other recycled and found items to decorate them and bring them to life. They represent my hope for humanity that we will collect and recycle as much as we can, and stop filling up holes in the ground with rubbish and waste.

Then there are the 5 ‘fish’. These are also made from calico, and I have added colour with watercolour pencils. They swim around a lump of polystyrene (could also be a melting iceberg) I collected on Clean Up Australia Day this year. I coated the polystyrene so it will not further disintegrate and leave micro-waste in its wake.

This group have been designed together, and ideally I would love to see them stay together – maybe even be used as a display or their story told more widely through social media as they represent real life environmental issues.

This shop item represents over 100 hours of design and making.

However, I am open to the idea that they may be sold separately. Please contact me if you would like to discuss.

I have included a lot of photographs, so you can see the different angles, colours and the wide variety of items included.

Total items for sale:

1 large Polar Bear

2 Polar Bear Cubs

4 calico cloth dolls

5 fish

1 chunk of coated polystyrene

1 whale

This ‘Whole Crew’ is Extra Large

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Small – $9 Australia wide, $15 everywhere else

Medium – $15 Australia wide, $25 everywhere else

Large – $25 Australia wide, $40 everywhere else 

Extra Large – due to each of my extra large artworks being a different size, shape and weight – its best if I can work with you to figure out the cheapest, fastest and safest way to send you the creation you’ve adopted. 


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Shipping Policy

Due to each of my artworks being different size, shape and weight - its best if I can work with you initially to find out where you are located.  From there I can figure out the cheapest, fastest and safest way to send you the creation you’ve adopted.

As a general guide, I will try to send smaller bears express post which is between $9 and $15 Australia wide in an express satchel or box under 3kg.

Larger items, over that weight can cost between $15 and $25 depending on your location.

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