Wheatgrass Kit – Poultry and Birds -INCLUDES DELIVERY


This kit includes everything you need to SPROUT YOUR OWN WHEATGRASS!! and includes free delivery Australia Wide.

Kit Includes:

1 x Growing Tray with drainage 36 x 39 x 7cm – AUSTRALIAN MADE Recycled Plastic

6 x Sheets of Bleach Free Paper Liner

1kg Wheat Seeds

1 x Sprouting Jar

Instructions for use.

Enough Coconut Coir for 3 rounds of grass (further fibre available for seperate purchase) – Precision Coir is a 100% natural, organic material and is a very stable product. It is made from the pith of coconut husks and manufactured under strict quality control standards and sieved to create a fine, consistent particle size.

During the sprouting process, enzymes within the seeds are activated and enhanced far beyond what you find in the raw seed, or even what would be in the future mature vegetable or plant for that matter. 

Studies show that a germinated seed (sprout) can have up to 4,000 times the concentration of enzymes and antioxidants than the un-sprouted seed!

Similarly, the sprouts of grains, legumes, nuts, beans, and seeds also contain far more protein, vitamins, minerals, and available fiber than their seed form. Furthermore, the proteins in sprouts may also be easier to digest. 

This is because the sprouting process appears to reduce the amount of anti-nutrients — compounds that decrease your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the plant — by up to 87%!

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