Winter Truffle Hunts with Lunch


Join us for a foodie experience in the Southern Highlands this Winter. 

You will have the opportunity to meet the producer of these wonderful Truffles and then enjoy a Truffle inspired lunch whilst tasting cool climate wines and sitting by the fire. 

Gift certificates available for purchase for every Saturday from 26 June – 8 August 2021.

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As Winter descends upon the Southern Highlands so does the opportunity to enjoy fresh truffles. Wild Food Adventures have created what they believe mixes the best on offer in the area for hunts with a delicious menu and wine tasting from a premium local producer. Now that is great way to spend a chilly day in the Highlands.

This self-drive experience includes a truffle hunt, paired with a delicious truffle inspired lunch and wine tasting.

Upon arrival, guests head into the Iles and Robur Oak trees to watch the truffle dog follow the mystical aroma of these tubular delights and unearth them from the tree roots. Then enjoy a country lunch at the ruins featuring fresh Truffle with a matched wine-tasting from a local award winning cool climate wine maker.

This intimate, yet exciting experience (in groups of up to 20) will provide an insight into farm life and a chance to meet the producers, and even buy some truffles.


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