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Soulful Art – Where No Two Pieces Are The Same


When art comes from the soul of the artist, and when the artist needs to “see” the complete project in their mind, before they can begin, you know your piece is going to be bespoke and elegant.

This is the process that Ruth Gudsalmani from RG’s Be-Desi goes through when painting her hand painted silk scarves and ponchos.

Each piece is a free hand drawing, which makes every item utterly unique and Ruth guarantees that no two pieces are the same, for this reason!

Using natural fabrics such as silk, cotton and wool add to the uniqueness of the product Ruth produces.

Ruth draws inspiration, not only from her soul, but from the calm and scenic beauty of where she lives in Benalla, in regional Victoria.

RG’s Be Desi has been going for 1 year and operates from the home studio. It’s Ruth’s dream for as many people as possible to experience the beauty of her hand painted scarves and ponchos.

She hails from India where some arts and crafts are being traditionally done for thousands of years and she would love to present some of these unique, authentic and traditional designs from her home country, India. She mostly deals with artisans directly which means the product is authentic and supports rural cottage crafts.

Ruth is a self-taught artist and encourages all other people wanting to take up their art of choice, to just start!

Ruth said, “One day I’d love to have perfected my art to a point where I can teach to paint on silk, as it’s a skill I am still perfecting myself”.

But for now, Ruth is concentrating on her custom made designs.

As an artist, small business owner and rural lady, Ruth loves feedback from her customers especially when they fall in love with her work too.

Her customers love the gorgeous feel of the fabrics, the beautiful designs and the exclusivity of dealing with the artist herself when purchasing these elegant products.

Ruth has over 30 different silk scarf designs in her store at

From flowers, to butterflies, to blue fairy wrens and peacock feathers – there’s a design for you to fall in love with.

Such a beautiful gift for someone special in your life or yourself!

See them for yourself here on the Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business Marketplace:

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