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Spend With Us is a free directory and marketplace website for bushfire and drought affected businesses in rural and regional Australia.

The recent Australian bushfires have had devastating effects on businesses across Australia. They may now be contained but their impact on the local communities will last for many months and years to come…. Help us support these communities who have a difficult and long journey ahead of them in terms of recovery and rebuilding. These businesses, many who are family owned and run, have lost more than 60% – 80% of their annual income and it will take them months if not years to be able to get some sort of normality back into their lives.

Spend With Us needs YOUR help! We need to share our website far and wide so together we can make a difference to businesses affected by the Australian bushfire devastation!

It will only take a minute, but you can personally make a huge difference by following these 5 quick steps:

1) If you haven’t already, please like and follow our Spend With Us Facebook & Instagram pages:

2) Share this article – share it on your facebook page, via messenger, linkedin, and in any facebook groups you are part of! The more people we can get to share and support, the more our posts are shown to new people who can benefit from being a part of Spend With Us!

3) Send us a message or comment on our Facebook page and tell us about any small businesses Spend With Us could help support! We have over 120 businesses listed so far and growing – help us to promote as many Australian fire and drought affected businesses as possible!

4) If you have a small business that has been affected – register for your free website store listing on Spend With Us. Let buyers enquire and purchase your products directly! Let us help you be found in Google!!

5) Purchase! There are currently over 300 amazing products listed on the Spend With Us website – if you are searching for a birthday gift, mothers day ideas or just want to book your next holiday – go to first and spend your money where it matters! You can support Bushfire businesses just by doing your everyday shopping!

We can’t all get out to fire affected towns to support them in person. By purchasing from Spend With Us YOU are helping to support these communities who have a difficult and long journey ahead of them in terms of recovery and rebuilding. Our aim is to help these businesses now and in the long-term by providing them with their own website store, extra income and Australia wide exposure for their products and services.

Show your support for local regional and rural businesses by shopping on Spend With Us.

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