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Why Spend With Us?

Welcome to our home in Leneva VIC! a tiny place located on the outskirts of Albury Wodonga. Established in the midst of Covid 19, just this year, we have designed, developed and supplied exclusive products to the Australasian market. We are dedicated to supplying beautiful home decor products to our customers that are affordable and made to last.

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality items that will make your sanctuary more enjoyable to live in. All of our designs and products are intended to incorporate the beautifully rich patterns and colour of the world around us.

showcasing beautiful work of art in a way that best represents their wonderful talent. Where you see an artists name in the description, just know that their work has not gone unrecognised, that in fact they will receive a royalties from any purchase that you make.


For an extended range of products please visit us @ Zanlana Design

Registered with the Australian Owned Registrar

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