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Array of Whimsy

Why Spend With Us?

Hello! My name is Emma and I live in Dubbo with my young family. The inspiration for my creations come from them. I first created the height charts as I couldnt find anything on the market that I thought fitted our style as a keepsake we could take with us where ever we go. The labyrinths I created with a desire to teach my children, while they are young, the skill of calming their minds when emotions start to feel too big. Something I have to say I am still not good at myself!

My little business at first was just a hobby as my husband runs our family business making signs. As the drought progressivly got worse, business began to drop off dramatically as people in the country had no money spend. So my little business has been helping keep our family a float through this time. 2020 was begining to look good after some terrible years. Then Covid hit. Our family business dropped in sales by 95%. It has been a scary time for not just us but everyone. Array of Whimsy began to play a bigger role in our lives to support our family as it is online based and I create everything from home. Although things have been improving where we are (we are so lucky compared to some people) the affects of both Covid and the drought are still present and we are working hard to build our lives again and keep our family safe and secure.

I hope you enjoy my creations and find a treaure that you can keep forever. In times like these, it is so important to find time to reflect, refocus and breathe.

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