Why Spend With Us?

In 1997 I made my first bear while waiting for the arrival our our first child.  At the time I had no idea this new hobby would start me on the path to becoming an artist and children’s book author.

Lots of things inspire me to make bears; old and unusual fabrics especially.  I started making bears out of old towels because I couldn’t afford mohair.  At the time, I thought you had to use mohair for the bears to be counted as ‘real’ artist bears.  Turns out, I was wrong.  Literally, thousands of bears and 25 years later; no fabric is off limits – I have made bears from plastic bags, bread bags, old coats, pre-loved shirts and denim skirts.  I’ve recently upcycled the cover from our old camping mattress, and it is in the process of becoming an elephant.

I will use recycled materials for as much of the process as I can, even down to the arm and leg joints – and especially the stuffing.

Every item I make is an art piece and has a story.  Many bears and other animals take hours to complete and are often inspired by an animal I have met on an adventure into the beautiful wilderness of Western Australia.

Published in 2005, ‘Merbears’ and ’The Merbear Adventures’ were about 15 years ahead of their time.  Back before ‘the internet’ while up at nights with sleepless young children, I began designing and making mermaid bears, with a unique swivel waist.  They evolved to include fish leather tails and needle sculpted bodies.  The Merbear Adventures are childrens books I wrote about these bears, located around a magical land ‘Merbear Island’.   Now more than ever, the Merbears have an urgent message for kids an adults alike – to clean up our oceans before it is too late.

These books have Incredible soft pastel illustrations by my talented friend and artist Lorraine O’Brien.

Each book has activities for school children and lesson planning to fit with environmental awareness curriculums, on the inside back cover.

All six children’s books, are available in hardcover and softcover.

So, once upon a time; I would venture to markets to sell my creations, and talk about the Merbear Adventures and the environmental messages contained within the pages.  However COVID has impacted my ability to do this, and to have face to face sales interaction with people who fall in love with the characters.  I hope that I can convey their personalities to you online, and work with you to find the fastest best postage options should you wish to adopt one of them.  Many of my creations are large, but I am committed to finding the best freight/postage options to get them to you safely at the lowest price possible.

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