Why Spend With Us?

Hi and welcome to Bee Shy we are proud to be apart of Spend with us/Buy From a Bush Business. 

All our products are formulated by a qualified Cosmetic Chemist who has over two decades of industry experience. Many of our ingredients are sourced from Queensland Rainforests, the Eastern Coastline and Outback Australia.

We are Australian owned and operated.

Bee Shy we wanted to have skincare that was Australian Made, Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Free from nasties!

Finding something like that but also for sensitive skin?

We are proud to have a Skin care line with all of the above .

We are locals from Central Cloncurry  Queensland, One of us is a sahp as there is no vacancy for day care with a waiting list years long. But this is now given us the opportunity to sell amazing skincare that actually works. Most stores just sell imported skincare but not us. 

Thank you for your support xx

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