Why Spend With Us?

At Belladotti we source, develop and bring to market, innovative, quick and easy meal solutions for busy home cooks.

Our ingredients are always of the highest quality and are ethically sourced. All our products are suitable for vegetarians, with many of them being either gluten free and/or vegan, as well. Anything we sell is regularly eaten at our own family table and as a busy working Mum, myself, I know just how important it is to have no nasties in our food and to also be able to create quick and tasty meals, with little-to-no thought required.

Our ranges include Salad Toppers (tasty crunch topping that take salads from ordinary to extraordinary, in seconds); Risotto Pre-Mixes (3 delicious risotto mixes, made from Italian Arborio Rice, dehydrated and freeze dried vegetables and herbs and a natural stock – that cook up to a tasty risotto, ideal for a family of 4, with no extra ingredients needed – except water and a dash of olive oil/butter); Gluten Free Pasta (that tastes like it isn’t !); Pasta Toppers (low calorie, gluten free, delicious, authentic Italian, dry sauce mixes for pasta’s) and finally Belladotti Gourmet (which includes our Premium Porcini, Truffle Salt & Mels’ Mazavaroo chilli paste).

We are extremely fortunate that during the recent challenges faced by many Australians, that we have been able to continue to manufacture and sell our products (which are all handmade, in small batches) – and although it has been challenging during the Coronavirus lockdowns, we have still managed to continue to source our quality ingredients and operate, as per normal (within the social distancing & hygiene regulations).

As we don’t sell directly to the public, we have no direct contact with our customers, but either deliver to store (via courier) or sell to customers via our website (www.belladotti.com.au / www.belladotti.co.nz), so all our deliveries are contactless.

We are extremely grateful, that as a local, Sunshine Coast business, we are still able to do what we love doing and manufacture and supply our quality, innovative meal solutions to our customers, both locally, nationally and internationally.

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