Why Spend With Us?

Hi my name is Sandie,

I live in a rural town in north west NSW. We have faced some tough times with the drought over the past few years, my partner James, and I had a rural block that we leased for a couple years right in the thick of the drought, we poured so much money into feed for our sheep and cattle, with hope that the rain was coming and that this new venture of farming on our own would turn a corner and pay off… the corner didn’t come in time for us, we made the decision to sell majority of our stock, and did not renew our lease of the farm, and we brought a little 5 acre block close to town. 

I am also a mum of 2 boys, who keep me on my toes! For Christmas last year I decided I wanted to give my youngest son an apron to collect his eggs with (to save all the breakages) and to make all the boys some sock savers…. but by doing this I had to learn how to sew first…. So I pulled out my Nanna’s sewing machine that I inherited and enlisted my beautiful mum to give me a crash course one weekend in sewing… 

Now I just thought I would sew these couple of things and that would be it… 

BUT no.. I discovered that I really loved sewing and now I want to sew every free opportunity I get….

I had the little local coffee shop here see me with my Coffee Kozie I had sewn for myself, and the owner asked me to make some and she would buy them to sell in her shop… and in no time, she had asked me to make some more cause they had nearly sold out… I was blown away!  

My mum also owns a business and she has been selling some of my items for me in her shop front. She also has a spend with us store and is the one who suggested I open one up myself.

So for the past couple of weeks I have been sewing away so that I had enough items to list in my store. 

I cannot wait to see the results of my new little venture….

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