Why Spend With Us?

Billie & Grace was a vision I wanted to create in memory of two inspiring and strong women in my life. As a mum to a very precious little girl that took us on a long trip to parent and a wife based in a small rural town it’s been a long journey to gain momentum and exposure of our label whilst juggling around our family.

I have created a label that is handmade, timeless pieces that are comfortable, practical yet chic & stylish with a nod to our past. Pieces you will relish in for many years & that will be passed onto the next generations.

Clothes that both you and your children can wear with ease, that will wash and wash and still be handed on in great condition. Each piece is lovingly handmade using only natural fibres by myself, my mum and 2 other seamstresses who work from their home studios for us also.

Our little town went through the worst drought in it’s history a few years ago and then lockdown hit our town hard in 2020 and is currently being hit hard again with losing a large chunk of our weekend visitors that usually come from the greater Sydney area. 

I opened my bricks and mortar store almost a year ago and being online is essential to our business so the exposure that Spend with Us can offer to our little business is vital.

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