Why Spend With Us?

Blueberry Greens is a boutique blueberry farm nestled at the foothills of Yarrahappni in the beautiful Macleay Valley. We grow and produce all our blueberry products here on the farm. We started doing low sugar blueberry Jam as a way of preserving our blueberry for my type one Diabetic mother-in-law, who noticed her immune system dropping in our off season as she was not getting her antioxidants. It also allowed Is to use all our fruit, the berries that were not up to our high quality standards now became jam berries.
The past 18 months have been the hardest in the 17years we have been here. 1st the drought whilst we weren’t as hard hit as others the lack of rain effected yield and size of our fruit last season meaning we ended up with a lot of 2nds / jam berries. Then in November 2019 the macleay valley was in golfed in smoke as 1/3 of the shire burnt we again were lucky and spared from direct effects but the flow on effects hit us hard we sell a lot of our products at regional growers markets and particularly to tourists which we all canceled from November to February 2020.
Then as if this wasn’t enough March 2020 COVID 19 pandemic hit Australia, and the markets that had only just started up again were canceled and Australia went in to lock down. I only done 3 markets in 8month I normally do 4-5 a month, we have a stock pile of product and trees full of fruit and we are unable to get pickers as many of our pickers are backpackers so the adventure continues!

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