Why Spend With Us?

Carol Gilmour Buster and Coco

Hi I’m Carol, a city girl transplanted to the country 17 years ago when I married.  I moved from a bustling city of 200,000 to a sleepy town of 1,200.  The transition was hard, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way, maybe I was always a country girl at heart!  My husband is a small business owner himself and COVID-19 hit his business hard and we are hoping he is slowly on the road to recovery now.  Crossing fingers anyway.

At the end of 2017 I fell into rope sewing, literally, after doing a class making bowls out of plants and reeds and fronds from the garden. Whilst I loved the process of creating the bowl, I hated the mess and dirt and damp leaves. This lead me on a path of discovery to rope and the sewing machine and I was hooked.

In starting my business Buster and Coco my aim was simple – to make functional and colourful rope and textile accessories for your home. I want you to be that person who has something truly unique and others want to know “where did you get that”, and you can smile knowing you have something truly wonderful. And whilst looking really beautiful, everything I make needs to have a purpose. Coasters and mats to save your precious furniture from hot dishes, or wet glasses; bowls and baskets to clear table tops of clutter and hold the the car keys or loose change, or stray Lego from the floor.

My motto is simple. Life is short – use all the good things. Don’t be like my grandma and grandpa who “saved” the good things to use for another day – that day never comes. Bring joy to your home with colour and textile and functionality.

I hope you enjoy what you see, and give me a shout out if there’s something you’d love me to make or a colour you’d love to see used, and I’ll do my best.

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