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I am based in Benalla, Victoria, Australia. Since becoming a mother I was surprised to learn that not many other parents use reusable cloth nappies. After speaking to many parents in my local area I realised this was due in part to myths surrounding the use of cloth nappies. Some parents thought it would be too hard, too expensive or lead to too much extra washing – none of which is true.
My aim is to help educate other parents on how easy cloth nappies actually are to use and how effective they are; I am yet to have to deal with a ‘poosplosion’ and I have currently been using cloth nappies for almost 6 months. I am more than happy to answer any questions potential cloth nappy users may have and will post instructional videos and photos to help make things as clear as possible. There are so many benefits to using cloth nappies, such as helping the environment and saving money

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