Why Spend With Us?

We are The Coloured Wool and Fibre  Company, a small farm based Wool and fibre company that sells Wool and fibre grown and processed in Australia.

We breed Naturally Coloured Sheep….Merino, Corriedale, English Leicester and Finn, as well as Suri Alpacas, we go to great lengths to do ALL our processing in Australia from our quality fibre.

All of dying is completed by us onfarm as are all garments and we cater to everyone interested in Spinning, weaving, felting, crocheting and knitting.

We’ve had an entertaining year this year, due to open our newly built farmshop’s doors on January the first 2020, instead we found ourselves engulfed in smoke and evacuating our farm as the bushfires swept through the Upper Murray.

Six months later, after our bushfire adventure and the first of Victoria’s corona lockdowns we managed to physically open our doors for a short time until Victoria once again locked down and we were cut off from our NSW customers as well.

We have happily kept in touch with our customers via our social pages and website, so much so that we have expanded our offers to include items from sources outside our farm.

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