Why Spend With Us?


Our store is a jewellery and giftware store that has been trading for over 100 years.   It is well known in western and northern Queensland.   Many tourists who come through call it a mini emporium as we love to have a huge variety of jewellery and giftware.    We also design, repair and remodel jewellery for customers all over Australia.   With modern technology we never have to meet our clients to design them that special piece.  

Our business is family owned and we have bought up two beautiful children whilst in the business who are now out in the big wide world.  We travel the world to find diamonds, gemstone and jewellery so we can bring them to you at affordable prices.

Our staff vary in age from high school juniors who work our weekends and school holidays to three permanent staff (that includes me the owner) and a casual who just looooves being in the store.  

We are happy to search for anything you are after if we don’t have it in store.  Our website www.coomberbros.com.au  is slowly getting more and more stock but the store has so much jewellery its very hard to have it all online so we love phones calls from our customers asking us to photograph items to send through to them.   We offer free giftwrapping (though we have a donation box that is given to a worthy cause at the end of the year) and we can post anything anywhere (usually). 

We repair watches, we engrave just about everything as we have a computer aided engraving machine and a sand blaster.   

As we have already spent quite a lot of time and money on a website we would love to see you hope over to it rather than having to double up with these great people.   So head to www.coomberbros.com.au to see what we have available.  Of course we can’t put everything we have in store on the site so if you are looking for something in particular please send us an enquiry via this page or sales@coomberbros.com.au and we will do our best to find it and help you out.  

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