Why Spend With Us?

Country Candles & More started out in shopping centres.  I personally make my own products such as my Quilts, Toddler Clothes, Candles, Melts, Masks and more.  I currently have a shop in Renmark SA, but unfortunately that is not going so well with COVID19 so we are possibly looking at having to close down and work from home.

When we started out I use to spend 2 weeks in Adelaide with a site in the malls of Elizabeth Shopping Centre and the Munno Para Shopping centre, then I would go home for a week and head off to Mildura and stay a week there at the Mildura Shopping Centre and then come home and stay in my own Renmark Plaza for a week and then off I would go again.  I did this for nearly a year and then my mum got really sick and COVID19 hit us so I opened up a shop in Renmark in 2020 2 weeks before they shut the borders.  Great timing NOT.

I have health issues so I am unable to work a full time job which is why owning my own business works for me as I can just go slow on my bad days and now I am not moving around the country side I don’t have the heavy moving to do when moving to new locations.

At Country Candles & More we also support some small business in Australia and buy our Candle/Melt accessories from a small business in Brisbane and our Bath bombs are made by a beautiful lady in the Gold Coast who works from home and she has the best bath bombs in the world.

Our future plans are to go back home and perhaps be open a few days a week, sell online and do some local markets when they are around.  I hope to be able to continue my small business from home as it will be devastating to have to close my shop and not sell my wonderful products at all.  Please help support us and check out our site.  We sell on Ebay and have our other website and now we have our spend with us website so hopefully this will give me the success we are looking for.

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