Why Spend With Us?

Dollarz Value is a small variety shop situated in Callala Bay in the South Coast.  In a coastal town where businesses rely heavily on tourists during holiday times, we have been impacted drastically from the most recent bushfires. Both road ends coming in and going out of Callala were closed due to the close proximity of the bushfires. Forest Road, the main road was only recently opened at the end of January 2020. The back way, through Pyrie was also affected with road closures.

Myself, like all the shops in our complex use our busy trading months to cover us during the quiet winter times. And therefore have lost trade sale from the lack of tourists in town. Hoping to help me stay afloat, I decided to update my online shop to gain some customers near or far. Your online orders are greatly appreciated and if you can also please share my shop to your friends. Please visit my website to have full access to all items that we sell.  http://www.dollarzvalue.com

All items in my Spend with us shop is  FREE SHIPPING.

I also make hand crocheted items that I display at my shop. 

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