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Monika Rodger | Epona Creations | Living Horse Tails | Jewellery Horsehair Design

Welcome to Epona Creations | by Monika

I hope you enjoy browsing through my collections and images.

I have always enjoyed creating art, from an early age, which was instilled and encouraged by my very artistic mother. My love of everything to do with horses, originally led me to produce my horsehair collection, which you can view at Living Horse Tails – Handmade horsehair jewellery, keepsakes, gifts and more.

Epona Creations | by Monika is a collection of beautifully crafted handmade jewellery.

Each piece is artfully and carefully created to produce timeless accessories to complement any outfit.


Inspired by horses

A childhood growing up surrounded by creatures big and small.

Driven by creativity

Nurtured with art and craft and the freedom to dream and to create.

Fuelled by inspiration

I learnt early on that “Creativity is only limited by our imagination”.

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