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My name is Rebecca and I am the owner and founder of Farm Gate Delicacies. I create and handmade various condiments ranging from jams, chutneys, relishes, sauces, spices and more. I make every batch in small quantities to ensure premium quality. I started this business on the Granite Belt when as a community we all went through the droughts and then the bushfires. I make my products using locally sourced produce when possible to help out or local farmers.  As many of you know our farmers where struggling to keep their crops throughout the drought which was followed by rejections from supermarkets due to imperfect produce, this was then followed by the bushfires. I buy this produce to make my products. After-all, who cares about a bent carrot or bruised tomato. Its in the imperfections in the world where I create beautiful products and share my love and passion with those around me.

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