Why Spend With Us?

Five Pears Design is centered on Eco Made products for both mum and baby. We sell Bamboo non paper kitchen wipes, Reusable makeup wipes, Bamboo wipes for mum and baby , Wet Bags ideal for Preschool instead of plastic bags. We also have a small selection of baby blankets and cot quilts.

After the end of 2019 being on fire 2020 has died. During the bush fire session I helped in the evacuation centres in the Southern Highlands and I was not able to put the effect into my business, therefore things slipped behind and then when the coronavirus hit sales just stopped. I had a few preschool using my wet bags as fundraiser but that has been all put on hold, and had to cancel a couple of markets  and  I think people are too scared to buy and I understand that.

But going forward I am positive we will get through this as long as we all stay together and help each other out

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