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Why Spend With Us?

We are an independent family business based in the Sunshine Coast Region of Queensland, Australia.  Banana farming has been a long-standing tradition in the Lindsay family.    In the 1930’s, the family’s first banana farm was founded in Banana growing country at Buderim, SE QLD.

Today, more than 90 years later Lindsay’s are leaders in Banana farming, selling Fresh and Freeze Dried Bananas through farmers markets and online.  We are tremendously proud of our fruit and use organic principles to grow Bananas without the use of chemicals and fertilizers.  The farm is currently in the safe hands of the fourth and fifth generation with Tony and Jacob whose passion for organic farming and quality is second to none.

Like most farmers, we live by the weather. We have had our hard times through the drought and floods but our passion and love for growing bananas keeps us going. 

We are passionate about ‘war on waste’ and all our surplus and seconds bananas are freeze dried. We often think of ourselves as the ‘crazy banana’ family, it is a nickname we are proud of and one that has stuck!

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