Why Spend With Us?

We love being a ‘local’ and we are remote, so Spend With Us seems like a perfect fit. Far North Qld has so much to offer, but sometimes we get forgotten about up here!! We are hoping to create awareness of our beautiful 100% Organic Turmeric Chai Teas Australia-Wide, and hopefully grow big enough to start employing more locals up here! We currently have a team of 4 of us, doing everything ourselves, from lovingly making each batch of tea, to creating the packaging and selling our teas at the local markets. There’s always room to grow and share the love, which we can and will with your support! Thanks in advance!

Why did we create GrunTea?

This is best answered in the words of its creator, Jocah:

“I originally created the Turmeric Green Tea Chai because of a health crisis I was enduring, in the form of severe fibromyalgia. I was completely crippled by the pain, spending days or weeks stuck on the couch, barely able to move. In that time I read about turmeric and its amazing anti-inflammatory effects, so I decided I wanted to include it into my diet, to see if it would help.

I should note that I could have bought supplements; but I believe supplements, if used at all, should be supplemental to a health giving lifestyle – and I knew I needed a change to my everyday livingness. Therefore I wanted to include turmeric into my lifestyle, throughout my day – in its wholefood state.

Learning that the active ingredient, curcumin, was better absorbed if black pepper and healthy fat were consumed at the same time, it dawned on me that the handmade chai I enjoyed might be able to be adapted. So I got to it – filled with hope. As I was already and grinding my chai spices in a mortar and pestle, it was easy to start tweaking the recipe. However, as if blessed from above, the very first attempt worked brilliantly – and it had quite the grunt – and thus GrunTea was born! Rich in flavour AND healthful benefits. Mmmmm

Then, to my delight, my quality of life started to improve, with reduced pain and greater mobility. Clearly the turmeric and other potent spices were working their healing magic within me!”

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