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Why Spend With Us?


My name is Krissy Biddle and I live in rural Victoria in a town named Moora with my Husband, 2 dogs & 2 sheep on 7 acres of land . Moora consists of roughly 10 families 6.6km on the Bendigo side of Rushworth. Our nearest city (Shepparton) is 58 kilometres away.

I own a small Candle & Melt business that I created early this year. I am obsessed with glitter & all things colourful and pretty, so I incorporate this into my candles and melts. I just love it! I call it BEDAZZLING. 

I work part-time as a Disability Support Worker so it’s my release and happy place where I can unwind from a challenging day. 

My candles were displayed in  a Homewares business where they were doing very well. Unfortunately the owner had a severe allergy to fragrances and were making her too ill, so they had to be removed. Back to square one, I was devasted! 

With COVID-19  upon us, I was having to adjust to putting all my products online as no travelling was permitted (most of the time) to be able to approach other stores to stock my products. It was hard times, still is. 

I originally started an eBay store for my Organic lip balms & lip gloss (which do pretty well) so I just left those there as I have a good following and regular sales. 

Then I got into candles & melts this year and put those on Etsy as that seemed to be the place to put handmade products. Starting out new and getting your products noticed is extremely hard when the market is so saturated in that area. 

Paying for promotions is very expensive when you aren’t making sales and are competing with the rest of the world. 

Which is why this website is amazing!! BFABB is brilliant in helping to support us small businesses in spreading the word to help get us out there and NOTICED.

I love that everyone is supporting each other in these difficult times whether you have been affected by fire, floods, living remotely, COVID-19 or just genuinely struggling to make it. 

I am grateful they contacted me to tell me about this wonderful website ‘Spendwithus’ as I had no idea…so thank you!

Onwards & upwards in making this little business become my full-time gig one day.

I wish everyone every success in whatever journey they’re on currently.

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