Why Spend With Us?

People dream of owning their own business. Avi woke up a little late 

20 years ago a young migrant ran away from his family farm to Australia to start a new life. Then that migrant made Public Health Management his career and kept away from his family business interests in India until January 2019, when his father gently reminded him that he has responsibilities to the family businesses.

Hence, Avi made the decision to start House Of Avi and enter the vibrant Australian fashion market space selling handmade Merino  and Silk Scarves along with genuine leather Shoes. Coupled with his connection to the Land, Avi wanted to make sure that Aussie Farmers would be a part of his journey and $5 from every sale goes to Need For Feed. 

House of Avi is backed by the romance of women’s fashion and a juggernaut of experienced craftsmen in Avi’s cottage workshops in India.

Everyday Australians have some of the most diverse shopping choices and House Of Avi carries ranges that suit everyone’s taste. 

VISIT – https://www.houseofavi.com.au/

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