Why Spend With Us?

I started making my own body and bath products, being creative and making is a passion and straight away was hooked. At first I was only making a few items to start with and selling some other very talented people’s products, but now I have a range that is 99% handmade by me and expanding all the time.
We are just a family business of Donna and hubby Aaron. We have 2 adult children who have there own jobs but help out when they can. We are located in beautiful Angaston part of the Barossa Valley.

Since the Coronavirus lock down, like so many others our business has been impacted greatly. I was doing markets nearly every weekend to earn an income as well as having an online store.

Since Coronavirus this have been different in our section of the world, just like many others we have had to adapt and move with the times. Now the future is looking brighter just this August 2022 we are opening our first retail store. This is a massive leap of faith and hopefully the decision to be in the front line is as good as it should be.

I would love to thank you all for your support and look forward to a wonderful future.

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