Why Spend With Us?

We are a husband and wife team based in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. We pride ourselves on crafting high-quality artisan products that will become stand out features in your garden. All our designs are unique to us, and we don’t mass produce using templates or jigs (everything is done by hand/eye). All our steel is Australian made and we source other materials locally as much as we can. 

We don’t have livestock (can’t really count our six chickens!) but our long term dream for our property is to start producing organic cider and mead. The drought has put our orchard growth back a few years. Now that COVID has wiped out our artisan market events and garden festivals we rely on online orders to keep the wheels turning. 

All the serenity…we love living on a bush property, surrounded by nature and giving our two small kids the opportunity to interact with the Australian bush – in all its beauty and harshness – every day. We hope our products bring joy, beauty and serenity into other people’s lives too.

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