Why Spend With Us?

Hello! Jess here,

I am a full time pharmaceutical chemistry student, part time artist. How do i find enough time in my day to squeeze all of that into it? Very good question…I have no idea. But I absolutely love painting and creating unique little pieces.

I never believed I had much talent with a paintbrush so I never thought to pursue anything artistic through my schooling, however I became fascinated with the way I could manipulate watercolour paints and soon I was in love. I taught myself how to paint and within a couple years I really began to develop my style and technique. I have dabbled a little in oil paints (although with not much luck), and have just recently become a fan of acrylic paints.

My paintings started off as a hobby, then as a way of having “me time” and switching my brain off from my studies, and now it has become quite the little side Hustle. I have an Etsy store and I am trying to do as many markets as I can manage to get my label out there.

So come explore!

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