Why Spend With Us?

My name is Julie, I sell Designer Silk Kaftans & Accessories.

I run a small online Business from home situated in Toowoomba. COVID-19 has hit the business hard, as many business have been hit, I stumbled across this platform through BFABB and am delighted I did.  We have a large range beautiful 100% Silk Kaftans Maxi Dresses, pants, tops & Capes with handsewn beadwork & embellishments, also added to our range are our very own handmade Deluxe Soy Candles, Diffusers, Melts & Room Sprays that are both Eco & Vegan Friendly .

You will especially be delighted in the beautiful unique silk kaftans which are hand beaded and embellished making them a standout from other Well known brands that you pay a lot more money for. Dressing for the day or a special occasion will become a delight, giving you the confidence to go about your day.  Bringing about elegance and effortless style for years to come. Each of our pieces are not a seasonal but more a timeless piece that will be your go to for years to come. Check out or beautiful Range and see for yourself what I am talking about. you can also find us at kaftansthatbling.com

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