Why Spend With Us?

Hello and welcome to my first ever online store!

After a tumultuous few years including drought, leading to bushfires which decimated so much of our beautiful East Gippsland and then BAM global pandemic, I think we’re all ready for some positivity, so I’d love to share some of my favourite photography with you.

Capturing wildlife and landscapes is what I do for ‘me time’, it relaxes my busy mind and allows me to share with others ‘how I see the world’. We head off on what we call ‘family adventures’, filling the back of our yellow 4×4 called Bumblebee with picnic food, a bag of clothes in case we get wet and cold, and off we go. We’re incredibly lucky where we live, East Gippsland is a huge area and has so many amazing places to explore; the great Southern Ocean, beaches; including the Ninety Mile Beach, the Gippsland Lakes, various vibrant rivers, streams and creeks, mountains, some of which are covered in snow in Winter, and so many wide open spaces to run wild and free!

So have a look through my photos, I’ll be adding more as I go making sure to tell you the story behind each so you can be on the adventure with me and my family!

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