Why Spend With Us?

Our tiny town of Glenrowan is a tourist town, we have people stopping in from their travels from Melbourne – Sydney but a lot of travellers who stop are heading to Bright, Beechworth, visiting our beautiful NE valleys and surrounding mountains offering adventures, gourmet food and wine.

We rely on these tourists who make up 90% of our trade. Bushfires! We were devastated when these horrific bushfires hit, not only do we rely on tourists from our production/retail shop we also rely on them at our events/markets that we do every weekend – all of a sudden our busy season was halted. We  evacuated from our home situated on a farm near the King Valley region (my 2 young boys and I) and tried to push on with some online sales as that is all we could do.

Easter is our other busy period. We work 7 days a week trying to make ends meet and were just about to kick off for the year.. we had a lot of work booked and were feeling positive for the first time this year – bring on COVID-19! OMG once again we have been devastated by loss of most of our business. We suddenly had no work coming in, I support both my boys on my own with my little business. There is no where to go with this new epidemic. We are 5 years old and well established so remain hopeful and confident we will eventually kick goals again… but what a year!

Our business was never meant to be, but with the demand of our salted caramel popcorn being air popped, all natural, gluten free, containing minimal hard bits and super addictive King Valley Popcorn became a brand! We now have other flavours like chilli & parmesan, sweet & salty and others but our second hero and what I am most proud of is our innovation (patent pending) of gluten free popcorn flour. We pop and mill our popcorn to make a baking flour that works great in cakes, slices, puddings, pancakes and biscuits. We don’t use any gums, numbers, soy or anything not natural and it tastes amazing!

Our flour resembles wheat really closely being that cakes are light, fluffy and moist. Our biscuits can be chewy or crunchy depending on how you like it and you cannot tell the difference with slices, brownies or puddings it is truly amazing. We are micro milling at this stage working hard to commercialise our product to be more cost competitive and more widely available and saving up for a mill to make this happen. Popcorn also happens to be the healthiest wholegrain of them all having very high levels of fibre and antioxidants – I believe the next super food!

There are a few articles out and if you google King Valley Popcorn, or look on our website/facebook you will find out more!! Please support us to help our little family business – thank you!! xx

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