Why Spend With Us?

Funky and Functional Vintage/Retro Glassware for every occasion….

Hi I am Amanda, one part of Kiss Our Glasses and the other part and probably the instigator of this whole eruption of creativity and friendship! Is Joanne or Jo for short or Elizabeth if you want to get formal…LOL..

Jo and I have know each other for 50 years! Always hung out together in our childhood years and partied pretty well in our teens – early twenties until getting married and moving away we lost contact, i mean we always knew where each other was and our families etc… our daughters even went to school together… small country town of Casino… you know how it is.

Jo is a nurse and has worked away for years until recently, so just before Christmas 2020 I get a message – Hey you want to go walking??? Me – SURE! And so it began…

We have not seen each other let alone spent anytime with each other since lord knows when! but here we were hitting the floor at 4:30am in the morning to go WALKING!!! Like WHAT!!!….

Anyhow Jo wants to have a garage sale…HEY Manda (as she calls me) I want to have a garage sale, can I have it at your place?! Me – SURE!… see a bit of a trend happening here….LOL

So we have the Garage Sale @ MY PLACE…. Jo has quiet a bit of “nice” glassware displayed with a sign “Make an offer”… We start talking about the glassware and where it came from and how cool it would be to have a party and serve the drinks in these great funky looking dessert bowls etc….


In this difficult time we all are going thru with COVID on the back of the devastating bush fires, drought and floods, connecting with family and friends is more important than ever, well its always been important but remembering NOT to take it for granted is the point i am trying to make here.

Also with COVID people have re visited the joy of entertaining at home, be it only small gatherings, but being thankful for those you have around you.

So Kiss Our Glasses has been created from an old friendship – renewed. And that is what we are doing Re purposing the old into funky functional glassware that makes you happy. It makes you smile. It makes you laugh.

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