Why Spend With Us?

Here at Leisa’s Custom Creations, I am the creator of  reusable bags that are made from woven polypropylene stock feed bags. They are a quality upcycled product, handcrafted solely by me, on my farm at Mount Prospect, in Victoria, Australia.

They are fun, tough, individual, practical and custom made, to each individual order.

A lot of work goes into making my creations, but being upcycled and handcrafted they are not always perfect. However, this adds to the character of my items..

Remember they are upcycled stock feed bags, so there could be slight wrinkles or blemishes from previous use of the bags. They are free of any animal-derived material, therefore they are 100% vegan !

These sturdy and long-lasting reusable bags can be used for many purposes: from reusable shopping bags, farmers market purchases, yarn or craft bag, library books, christmas presents, gift bags, beach bag and so much more.

My upcycled bags can be washed with soap and warm water or even hosed out !

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