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Little White Goat Soap

Why Spend With Us?

My name is Caitlin, I am 15 years old and live at Wamuran, QLD. I am a full time student by day and small business owner by night.  On our farm we grow bananas and run cattle and dairy goats.   We have been impacted by the drought and COVID.

I took over making goat soap from my Granny.  I handmake fresh goat milk soap for your face, body, hair and even your pets.

Granny has over 80 dairy goats and she machine milks them twice a day, so my products are made with fresh milk each day. All her girls are named and come to be milked when called !!!!

Goats milk has a very similar PH to that of human skin. Therefore it is very soothing and easily absorbed. Anyone who has sensitive skin will find these products soothing and wonderful to use. We use plant based ingredients- so no nasties are used at all.

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