Why Spend With Us?

Hi! I’m Anthea, the sole trader and founder of  Littlest Dreamers. Launching a small ethical and sustainable business at the start of a pandemic has definitely come with extra challenges. Through increased fees, slowed postage, lock downs upon lock downs and the mental struggle and financial hardship we have all undergone during this time, in one way or another, has lead to business being slow to grow. I am so grateful for this platform and people like yourself who value small business and are supporting the cause of keeping small business alive in Australia.

There have been many times I just wanted to quit, however, the sustainable vision I hold, the impact I have seen this business have and the support from the fellow dreamers I have received, has kept me going. Littlest Dreamers is a brand for the earth and its people. We must hold a Big Dream for our Littlest Dreamers, this is the driving force behind every decision I make. How are we choosing to walk on this earth? The choices and decisions we make today will reflect our children’s tomorrow.

Who are the littlest dreamers in your life? they all deserve the most beautiful world and you really can make a difference, which in these times of feeling out of control and at times helpless is truly a beautiful thought to come back to. You and your choices matter and if you have found your way here I am truly grateful that it is this dream you are choosing to support.


  • Natural & organic fabrics (that feel amazing on your little ones skin)
  • Non-toxic dyes (with botanical pigments that reflect our earth)
  • Giving back to our community (because we are about profit for purpose)
  • Invest in our next generation ($1 from each sale to the earth and to First Nations People)
  • Stand for ecological promotion
  • Away from fast fashion and into slow considered
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