Why Spend With Us?

My name is Lyn and I live near the small community of Rylstone in NSW.  I make Sterling Silver Jewellery which is stocked at the ‘Almost Anything Emporium’ in Rylstone.  I love the creativity that jewellery making provides.  It allows me to portray thoughts and feelings and just to make things that I like. 

The past couple of years been challenging and continue to be that way.  The bush fires made a significant mark – both physically and mentally: I made a small collection of Bush Fire jewellery (Conflagration) as a way of trying to deal with the mental trauma that ensued.

Two and a half years on from the fires and our vista has changed once again. We have not had this much rain for such a long time.  Dams are full, the countryside is just leaking water through creeks and springs, and nature is there in all it’s glory for us to enjoy.  The last few months have been special family times, with our daughter being able to fly home from the UK for the first time in a while, special birthdays and gatherings, and treasured memory finds when sorting through the family home.

All in all – a time that has been fulfilling and enriched with family.

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