Why Spend With Us?

We created Punkah Delights during January 2020, when our business Rail Trail Cafe closed due to the nearby Mt Buffalo fires, while our family evacuated for almost 3 weeks. We chose not to stand down our 3 Apprentices, and paid them right through the time we were closed. However our 8 casuals have been without many hours, and this is especially hard for our adult casuals who rely on significant Summer Income to see them through the quieter times. Our hope is that by selling our Jerky and Chilli more broadly than just the cafe, we will survive our current situation, and help future-proof our business, and our employees’ incomes, against other disasters.  We have all pulled together as a staff and family, to launch “Punkah Delights”, and have lined up markets and events to help promote our products. We look forward to meeting lots of new people, and cross-promoting other amazing products from our gorgeous High Country Region, as we start out on our new “Punkah Delights” Adventure. Our Beef Jerky flavours (so far) include “Chilli – With a Kick!”, “Sweet Cracked Pepper”, and “Smoky BBQ”. Plus our delicious House-Made Chilli that we use in the Cafe on our amazing Slow-cooked Beef and Bean Burrito. We hand-cut, marinate and slow dry all the jerky ourselves, using local “Grass Roots Beef”, from cattle that roam and graze on large (pesticide-free) grassy pastures, with plenty of shade and water, and no antibiotics, no hormone-promotants, and no stressful trips on semi-trailers. We were encouraged to register with ‘Spend with Us’ to help get our message out, and the support we have received from the volunteers who manage this site has been nothing short of sensational. Thank-you for reading, and we hope you will consider purchasing our products 🙂
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