Why Spend With Us?

Rare Breed n Co is an inspired name originated from a repeated family quote. My name is Nadine Andersen and I live in a small town called Koumala and my mother Lauraine Perschel who lives on the top of  Sarina Range initiated our little business in 2018. The love of the land has inspired us both to create and produce many different pieces over the years. With the struggle that follows farming at times Rare Breed n Co has allowed us to embrace our inner creativity and pass it on to our customers.  My Mum (Lauraine) and Dad (Ron) have two children, my brother John and myself. Brett and myself have 6 children Kirra, Tyler, Jye, Dana, Qynn and Demi.  We have instilled those old fashion values throughout our family and will carry them with us to our  wonderful customers.  We look forward to sharing our ideas with you all and thank you for your continued support.

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