5 out of 5


Why Spend With Us?

Buying Handmade means you are buying something very special, you won’t be buying the same designs that companies pump out on a machine. You’ll be buying someone’s art, someone’s passion and someone’s heart and creativity that they poured into it, as well as supporting the small-time creator.

So thank you!

Meet our creators – 


I’m Helen and love to sew and knit and well.. do anything crafty! I’m based in Young NSW and make the majority of our wonderful creations. I have no idea how to use a computer so over to you Nic…..


I’m Nic and love to sew as well. My preferred craft is cross stitch though am learning to sew and knit. I work the computer and social media side of things. Helen posts all of her beautiful creations to me and I take care of the rest. 

Between us, we have a combined sewing experience of 95 years! 


Australia: Items are shipped via Australia Post, using standard tracked post. 

International Shipping: We ship internationally.  Please contact us prior to purchasing our handmade items and we will confirm and calculate postage cost to your country and send you through the correct payment information.

Items are posted within 1-3 business days of cleared payment. 

Please feel free to browse our store, message any questions and follow us through Facebook and/or Instagram. 

From both of us – Thank you! 

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