Why Spend With Us?

Hi there!, we are Mick and Jane Taylor and we have a great Adult Getaway location situated in a lovely bush setting accompanied by wildlife such as different bird types and Kangaroos and Wallabies to name a few. A must stay experience on your travels through the Sapphire Gemfields, Central Queensland and the Outback. An Oasis for Adult guests wanting a peaceful and relaxed stay with superb comfort and great features. Situated 1 km from the town centre. 500 meters from Miners Heritage, Heart of the Gemfields. Walk along the adjoining fire trail and who knows what you, ‘ll find! Exclusive ‘Night with the Stars’ at Rubyvale Observatory (optional)

We also have a Sapphire and Jewellery Business: Taylors Fine Sapphires. You can browse in our shop for Australian Sapphires and Quality Jewellery or have your special Sapphire appraised for faceting. We are passionate about Australian Sapphires, the Sapphire Gemfields and with over 34 years of experience in Rubyvale, are more than happy to help you plan your ideal Gemfields visit. During Covid and after the recent floods, we have had many cancellations and would love to see people returning to this amazing part of Queensland, to discover and explore or just unwind and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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