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Rubywood Laundry Crystal Whiffs

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Thank you for visiting Rubywood, I live in a tiny town on the Southern Highlands of NSW, Bannaby. 

2020 was a challenging year, with Covid-19 impacting us all.  In this year I also left my full time employment and became a full time carer for my children’s father, as due to illness he could no longer care for himself.

With the wonderful support from my amazing customers, some who have been with me since Rubywood began in 1988, I have been able to provide exceptional value products continuously even throughout the Bannaby bushfires of 2018/19.

In 2014, I began making laundry crystal whiffs and with the help of a few close friends, I began selling them at my local markets in the Southern Highlands of NSW. 
This amazing product replaces the softener that you would usually use and it is made with only 3 basic ingredients, all which have been tested thoroughly. Each of the ingredients are safe for personal use, safe for pets and importantly safe for Septic systems – for those living on the land will fully appreciate. 
Each batch of laundry crystal whiffs are measured and mixed completely by hand in my kitchen on the farm. 

I would recommend to test for yourself, using a small load of washing to check for any allergic reaction to the essential oils / fragrances that are used.

Through word of mouth and meeting the demands of my customers Rubywood will continue to grow into the future while providing quality affordable products.

For 34 years I have had a firm moto

“Nice things need not be expensive”

Thankyou for reading a little bit about me.

I invite you to please have a look around my shop and if there is anything I can help you with please contact by email

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