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Why Spend With Us?

Hi all, my name is Barb Rigano a busy mum of two amazing boys and a self taught artist. When I’m not working or taking my boys to sports, I love creating unique pieces of art that I am proud to share with others.

I live in a tiny town in Victoria called Dookie and we’re currently just out of our 8th lockdown. Up cycling old saw blades and discarded plough discs has helped keep me sane over these long weeks. Recently I posted pictures of my work online and I was blown away by the positive response, and the constant encouragement to start selling them. So here we are, our new store Rust 2 Colour.

Giving a new lease of life to these rusty blades and discs is so rewarding. From meticulously cleaning each one, preparing it for painting and then spending hours free handing a beautiful mandala on it. The colours, the patterns, the layers of dots and lines all help soften the hard edges, creating a unique art piece that can be proudly displayed in your home or outdoor area.

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