Why Spend With Us?

Seedsations is all about the Scrumptious Sensations of Watermelon Seeds!

With four flavours: Original, Banana and Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie

Why do we love Watermelon Seeds?
Well, where to begin!
Our Bars have up to 9grms of Protein and 3grms of Fibre per Bar.
They are also very high in Magnesium…47% of your Daily RDI in fact!
So, what is good about Magnesium? Well—it helps
· Contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue
· Contribute to normal energy metabolism
· Contribute to normal psychological function
Magnesium is NECESSARY for
· Bone and teeth structure
· Normal Protein synthesis
· Normal nerve and muscle function
· Normal electrolyte balance
What else do our bars have?
38% of your daily Vitamin E needs (which contributes to cell
protection from free radical damage
18% of your daily Iron needs
25% of your daily Phosphorus needs
25% of your daily Niacin Needs
and more!
Apart from all of that…
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