Why Spend With Us?

Located in the seaside town of Hervey Bay.  Covid has affected my business with lockdowns, travel restrictions and border closures. From lots of tourists and southern visitors to very few.  Supplies are also restricted.  I have gone from a Shoe Store to Clothing, Handbags and then Shoes.  So my tag now is “Not your average Shoe Shop!”

JANUARY 2022 UPDATE.  Sadly, I have had to close my Bricks & Mortar store.  The store next to mine wanted more space and is expanding into my space!  After looking for another shop and not finding any location I was happy with I madethe difficult decision to close.  I loved doing what I was doing but life changes in the blink of an eye and you just have to roll with it.  So I’m now looking foreard to having the time to put into this site.

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