Why Spend With Us?

G’day! My name is Cosmo and I’m a creative boy with Down Syndrome. I am from Bairnsdale and have lived in East Gippsland all my life, splitting my time between Wtree and Bairnsdale.

After getting rejected when applying for jobs, I decided to start my own soap business. This will make me feel I’m part of the Australian workforce and it gives me a chance of financial independence.

With help and support from my family, I put together recipes with soap melts like goat milk, shea butter, hemp oil combined with beautiful fragrances. I make the soap by hand, I cut them to shape and package the individual soaps myself.

Our family farm in Wtree narrowly escaped two bushfires raging through our beautiful community in less than a year; one that started in January 2019 (Ensay fire) and one that started in November 2019 (Wtree / Yalmy fire). We lost boundary fences but thankfully we are safe and the house miraculously survived, whilst our neighbours were not so lucky and lost everything. Many of my friends and community members are distraught and traumatised, which also affects me very much. Making soaps makes me very happy and helps me stay positive.

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