Why Spend With Us?

Soulful and Fresh came about after purchasing natural ingredients for homemade natural house cleaners from a dear friend. After making my own cleaners I started to look at what was in our bath and body products.

Being a Wife and a mum of 3 wonderful children, I looked into each product we had in our bathrooms. I decided to research and look at the individual ingredients. Looking at the ingredients in our store bought products I decided to launch our bath and body product range. 

Each product we have on offer has Natural and Organic Ingredients. Our bubble bath powder is handmade to order by myself using an ecocert surfactant which is much milder and less of an irritant that SLS is. We offer a wonderful Milk Bath Bubble Powder which is made to order. 

We do have a range of eco friendly natural house cleaners as well. 

We all deserve a little luxury with out the big price tag. At Soulful and Fresh we offer luxury at an affordable price.

I look forward to being of service to you. 

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